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What is Financial Advertising?

Financial Advertising has been around for a long time, perhaps for as long as any type of money or exchange of payment has been in existence. Kings and Queens even before paper money was around used their pons and paupers for not only security and protection but financing ventures of greed, plunder and pillage to bring home treasures of trinkets, gold and even valuable slaves were bought and sold throughout history and time.


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Financial Advertising

MONEY and its incentives can build bridges, municipalities, cities and countries. It can also finance trouble; terrorism and full fledge wars at its most extreme measure. The world has created a new standard of living where countries like Canada have become very important as being first politically stable and then economically capable with little or now red-tape and attractively low tax rates.

Today more precisely people, investors, small and large business and corporations are also on quests to gather greater assets that in turn gain more wealth. As horseracing is known as the 'sport of kings' the common man, investor and bettor now has access to the same game where entire treasures of wealth can be one and lost in the span of time that is faster than a bar fight.

MONEY and Financial Advertising were as important in the past as they are now; the same principals govern what happens in the world of high finance today. What is Financial Advertising? How does it work and who uses it best. Ad money has always been available, financial executives know they have a fiercely competitive environment in the world of financial sales. Investment companies realize that they have to market on a regular basis to keep in the minds eye of their customers and some of these executive also know they must continually advertise and market to gain market share beside keeping existing customers content.

MONEY.CA simply says "money online for Canadians" and we have become the most trusted name in online financial news and information. MONEY has plenty of untapped vertical potential starting with a dominant Internet prescience – full 4 color MONEY Magazine and adding a 3rd and 4th line of active media in combination make us the distinguished leader in Financial Advertising for Canadian investment, finance and banking institutions.

Learn more by requesting our free online report on "Financial Advertising in Canada" then request a meeting with your dedicated Customer Service Manager where you will first receive a complete Financial Advertising Kit and then a visit from our professional sales team for a full presentation of the products and extensive services that were designed for financial companies executives and the advertising firms that may represent quality financial organizations.

Question 1: What Do Executives of Leading Financial Institutions Desire From Their Marketing Teams?

• Balance Regulatory Risks with Pro-Active Outreach

• Being the "Voice of the Client" in Business Discussions • Branding
• Control The Firm's Message
• Determine Which Marketing Activities Be Outsourced
• Measure impact of marketing
• Provide Competitive Analysis
• Sales Support
• Support Strategy (research, etc.)
• Leveraging Employees as Marketing/Brand "Adjuncts"
• Unify the Culture

*Listed in alphabetical order
Source: Money Canada Limited, © 2009

Question 2: Percentage of Focus Group. CEO's and Senior Financial Executives are
actively working on the following initiatives.

• 91% Branding
• 72% ROI
• 55% Measure impact of marketing
• 72% Sales Support
• 64% Balance Regulatory Risks with Pro-Active Outreach
• 55% Support Strategy (research, etc.)
• 45% Leveraging Employees as Marketing/Brand "Adjuncts"
• 27% Control The Firm's Message
• 27% Unify the Culture
• 27% Provide Competitive Analysis
• 18% Being the "Voice of the Client" in Business Discussions
• 18% Determine Which Marketing Activities Be Outsourced

*Listed by Percentage ranking.



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